Their are eight ways to search on this site:

1. If complete features are what you are looking for - text and photographs combined - go to: FEATURES.

2. To find photos, organized geographically, click here: COUNTRIES, REGIONS & CITIES.

Another way to search photos is by topic. We have created three topic lists. Their unique common feature is that each topic leads you to precisely and only images of that topic, without "noise".

3. As a picture editor in the field of travel and recreation, you might prefer LEISURE & TOURISM.

4. More general topics such as architecture and religion, are grouped into the GENERAL TOPICS. This is where the concepts are as well.

5. Since gardening is a pastime of both of us, we enjoy photographing FLOWERS & GARDENS while on assignment. So we've split off those topics from the general list.

6. You might simply like to search by scanning our KEYWORDS.

7. Sad but true: we still haven't finished keywording our archives. So if you like to search within a larger selection of pictures, search the caption of every photo. Less precise then methods 1 till 6, but it works. Please hit "enter" after typing:


8. Last but not least: let GOOGLE do a search. That way not only our pictures are searched, but our blog as well: